Commercial and Professional Leather Cleaning Products

Since 1970, Royaltone Co. has been developing, manufacturing and marketing an abundant line of professional leather cleaning products for dry cleaning professionals.

Cleaning leather is a specialized process that requires not only experience, but the right professional leather cleaning products. Leather must be cleaned and treated carefully. Using products made especially for leather preserves the original softness and feel, while preventing drying out of the leather.

In addition to manufacturing professional leather cleaning products, we are well known for our training and processes using our leather cleaning product line. Teaching suede and leather cleaning professionals this easy, profitable skill has been a passion of ours for over 40 years.

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Royaltone Wet Professional Leather Cleaning Products

LEATHER FIX Prewash Dye Fixer 

A prewash product to set dyes in leather and Suede when wet washing in a washing machine.
    - Use 4oz per garment

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PROSUEDE WET Detergent Plus Conditioner

Detergent for wet cleaning leather in any washing machine. Removes soil and stains from suede and leather without stiffening or hardening.
    - Use 6oz per 10lbs.

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LEATHER SOFT Softener/Conditioner

Softener/Conditioner added to the final rinse to condition skin and impart a soft lush feel. For wet washing leather and suede in a washing machine.
    - Use 4oz per garment

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LEATHER MAGIC Wet Side Pre-spotter

Wet side pre-spotter for use in wet cleaning suede and leather, Use on soil, food, beverage and perspiration stains.

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SPOT MAGIC GREEN Environmentally Friendly POG Spotter

Provides heavy duty spotting power without oil or other hazardous chemicals. Works well on oil based stains, varnish, cosmetics, lipstick, tar, shoe polish, and wax. For use in Dry and Wet Cleaning suede, leather and cloth.

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INK MAGIC Spot and Stain Remover

Ink Magic clings to the ink spot without spreading the stain. Removes all types of ink quickly and completely/ For use in Wet and Dry Cleaning suede, leather and cloth.

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Royaltone Dry Professional Leather Cleaning Products


Create a whole new profit center in your business! Includes 5 1/2 hour DVD instruction on wet washing and dry cleaning suede, leather and fur. Also includes a full written manual and final exam. Class taught by Frank Lucenta, Royaltone inventor and founder.


ROYALTONE Charge Detergent Plus

A superior all-in-one Anionic charge detergent for odor free dry cleaning. Contains detergent complex, microbicide, sizing, deodorizer, anti-static, conditioner and softener. Eliminates swales, stabilizes color, reduces wrinkles, and increases filter life. 100% Active ingredients/No fillers. For use in dry cleaning Leather and all cloths.

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A titration test kit for testing the concentration or Percentage of Royaltone detergents in the drycleaning Fluid. Test consists of graduated cylinder, and three Test solutions.


SOIL GO Soil Release Concentrate

A highly concentrated batch additive that eliminates pre-Spotting and reruns in dry cleaning suede and leather. Removes heavy soil and ring type spots and stains in any dry cleaning system or fluid. Color safe, swale free won’t build up.
    - Add 1oz to the cleaning wheel for each 10lbs garment

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FILTER MAGIC Super Spin Filter Cleaner

Removes soil and build up from spin filters. Increase filter Life - keep pressure low even after running leather and suede.
    - Add 8oz to button trap

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SPOT WIZ WET Pre-spotter

Removes water soluble stains and soil without color loss, stiffening or hardening. Removes perspiration, beverage stains, streaks, rings and blotches in dry cleaning leather, suede and cloth. Dry clean only

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SPOT WIZ VDS Volatile Dry Spotter

This volatile dry spot remover works on glue, glue bleed, latex paint, ink, oil, gum, cosmetics and grease. For use in dry cleaning suede, leather and cloth. (Hazardous Shipping Charges Apply)



A dry paint, oil and grease spotter for suede, leather and cloth. Removes oil, grease, ground in soil, paint, ink and lipstick without color loss, stiffening or hardening of the skins. (Hazardous Shipping Charges Apply)



Royaltone Suede & Leather Finishing Products

ROYAL SOFT Leather Softener/Re-oiler

Restores the original softness and flexibility to stiff dry suede and leather in dry and wet cleaning. Spray on full strength.

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ROYAL SHIELD Aerosol Repellent

A highly effective protective coating sprayed directly on fabric, suede and leather to make it resistant to water, soil and stains. Will not change garment color.


ULTRA SHINE Aerosol Polish

Restores a crystal clear finish on slick leather garments. Make them look like new again!


SUEDE NU Suede Rejuvenator

This neutral spray brings out the original deep rich color in suede skins. Also imparts a soft lush feel to suede garments by nourishing the skin. Spray on from a distance of 6 inches.

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BRIT-N Suede and Naked Leather Dye

An extremely color fast dye used to restore color in suede and naked leather. Easy to mix. Available in black, brown, red, blue and yellow.

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LEATHER SHEEN Cuir Savage Finish

Used for restoring the original satin sheen, look and feel to cuir savage leather. Provides a durable finish that resists abrasion and wear.

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LEATHER PREP Thinner Stripper

Used to remove overspray and clean up spray gun and other tools.

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LEATHER PRO Clear Leather Finish

Water based leather finish for repainting leather. Available in clear and six vivid colors: red, yellow, blue, black, brown and white. Simple to mix.

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PERMA HOLD Permanent Leather Glue

This leather glue will not dissolve, bleed or flush out in wet or dry cleaning. Bonds to any suede, leather, fur or fabric. Great for repairing tears and hemlines in suede and leather garments.

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SUEDE MAGIC Neutral Spray for Sheepskin

Improves the color and feel of sheepskin suede and naked leather. Does not discolor fabrics or skins.

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Hardware Products for Dry & Wet Leather Cleaning


Syringe and needle used to apply glue when repairing torn or damaged suede, leather and fur. Plastic unit with SS needle.



Roll of special carbide emery cloth used to treat crusty spots and stains on suede.



Long handled bristle or wire brushes used to break up spots and stains on leather and suede garments.



Block type nylon or wire bristle brushes used to brush up the nap of dry or wet cleaned suede items.



Gun, cup, hose, connectors, extractor, regulator filter and gauge used for spray finishing leather and suede.



Use in pressing leather and suede sleeves without leaving creases.



Set of 2 tumbling balls to brush and soften suede in a cool dryer.



Professional Leather Cleaning Product Kits


All the start up items you need to begin wet and dry cleaning suede immediately. contains detergents, pre-spotters, spotters, tools and more.



Get started dry cleaning suede, leather and fur quickly and inexpensively with this mini kit.



Wet cleaning your own suede, leather and fur is within reach with this mini kit.



Everything you need to begin dyeing and painting suede and leather in your own plant.

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