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INJECTONE Injection Detergent (Cationic)

This all-in-one double strength injection detergent for dry cleaning contains fresh scent, deodorizer, anti-static, sizing, brightener, and corrosion inhibitor. Also eliminates static shock, reduces reruns and harsh pre-scrubbing and neutralizes bad odors.
*Inject 1 oz per 10 lbs of soiled garments

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ULTRATONE Detergent Plus

All-in-one Anionic charge detergent plus with additives, built in sizing and microbicide for excellent quality and odor free dry cleaning. ULTRATONE stabilizes colors to prevent color loss, eliminates swales and blotches on silk and works well on down filled items. Gives longer dry cleaning filter life. 100% active ingredients / No fillers.

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ROYALTONE Charge Detergent Plus

A superior all-in-one Anionic charge detergent for odor free dry cleaning. Contains detergent complex, microbicide, sizing, deodorizer, anti-static, conditioner and softener. Eliminates swales, stabilizes color, reduces wrinkles, and increases filter life. 100% Active ingredients/No fillers. For use in dry cleaning Leather and all cloths.

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SOIL GO Soil Release Concentrate

A concentrated batch additive that eliminates pre-Spotting and reruns in dry cleaning. Removes heavy soil and ring type spots and stains in any dry cleaning system or fluid. Color safe, swale free won’t build up.
    - Add 1oz to the cleaning wheel for each 10lbs garment

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FILTER MAGIC Super Spin Filter Cleaner

Removes soil and build up from spin filters. Increase filter Life - keep pressure low.
    - Add 8oz to button trap

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FIRE LOAD Soot and Smoke Remover

This specially formulated liquid batch additive removes Smoke and soot in dry cleaning and wet cleaning/laundry. Great for fire restoration professionals and cleaners.
    - Use 2oz per 10lbs of fire damaged articles

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ULTRA ODOR Odor Neutralizer

Unique formula neutralizes undesirable organic odors, including smoke, without ozoning. Most smoke odor removers only mask the odor. Ultra Odor eliminates it. Can be used in dry cleaning and wet cleaning/laundry. Also great for restoration cleaning professionals.
    - Add 1oz per 10lbs of fire damaged items

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INK LOAD Ink and Lipstick Remover

This special dry cleaning formula is a liquid batch additive used to remove ink and lipstick that has stained the whole load. (Hazardous shipping applies)
    - Add 8oz per 10lbs of stained items


ULTRA PLAST Liquid Plasticizer

This liquid plasticizer restores softness to plastic Articles and trim that become stiff during dry cleaning. Ultra Plast is a separate batch additive.

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