Finishing Products

Suede and Leather Finishing Products

ROYAL SOFT Leather Softener/Re-oiler

Restores the original softness and flexibility to stiff dry suede and leather in dry and wet cleaning. Spray on full strength.


ROYAL SOFT Aerosol Repellent

A highly effective protective coating sprayed directly on fabric, suede and leather to make is resistant to water, soil and stains. Will not change garment color.


ULTRA SHINE Aerosol Polish

Restores a crystal clear finish on slick leather garments. Make them look like new again!


SUEDE NU Suede Rejuvenator

This neutral spray brings out the original deep rich color in suede skins. Also imparts a soft lush feel to suede garments by nourishing the skin. Spray on from a distance of 6 inches.


BRIT-N Suede and Naked Leather Dye

An extremely color fast dye used to restore color in suede and naked leather. Easy to mix. Available in black, brown, red, blue and yellow.


LEATHER SHEEN Cuir Savage Finish

Used for restoring the original satin sheen, look and feel to cuir savage leather. Provides a durable finish that resists abrasion and wear.


LEATHER PREP Thinner Stripper

Used to remove overspray and clean up spray gun and other tools.


LEATHER PRO Clear Leather Finish

Water based leather finish for repainting leather. Available in clear and six vivid colors: red, yellow, blue, black, brown and white. Simple to mix.


PERMA HOLD Permanent Leather Glue

This leather glue will not dissolve, bleed or flush out in wet or dry cleaning. Bonds to any suede, leather, fur or fabric. Great for repairing tears and hemlines in suede and leather garments.


SUEDE MAGIC Neutral Spray for Sheepskin

Improves the color and feel of sheepskin suede and naked leather. Does not discolor fabrics or skins.

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