Become more profitable without adding expensive machinery or a route.

It's no secret today's economic climate has left many Dry Cleaners scrambling to make payroll, rent and purchase supplies. Some have had to close their doors altogether. Royaltone presents this one service that can boost profits by at least $300 a month, reduce financial stress and is simple for you and your employees to implement.

I realize there are lots of companies out there selling programs to market your business, start routes or purchase expensive machinery to help your bottom line. But those systems will cost you a boat load of money up front before you ever see a dime in revenue. The tips we have gathered below will cost you under $20 to implement.

It is our desire to see your Dry Cleaning business grow and prosper, especially in this economy. Implementing this one simple service can certainly help make that goal a reality.

Below are 20 ideas for a BRAND NEW SERVICE you can start offering and charging for today.



You can treat:

  1. High end ladies purses – leather, suede, tapestry, canvas, any cloth

    Women’s purses can be a major purchase. So show your bag loving female customers how to protect their expensive accessory choices from water, soil and stains by treating them with a simple coat of Royal Shield. This inexpensive aerosol treatment can bring in $2-$3 dollars with each purse.

  2. Winter gloves – leather, suede, ski gloves, fabric gloves

    We all know gloves take a beating in the winter. Help your customers save money on purchasing new ones by spray treating the gloves with Royal Shield at the beginning of the season to make them water and stain resistant. Call it the Save the Glove Campaign or Love Your Gloves, something fun and catchy to grab their attention when they walk in the door. You can charge $1 per pair. Chances are, if it is winter, they will have a pair right in their coat pocket.

  3. Ball Caps – canvas hats for golfers, little league teams, hunters, fisherman, high school and college teams (the list goes on and on)

    How many hundreds or thousands of caps are surrounding your business every day? This market is huge! Target the moms and wives on this one. They are typically the ones faced with the dilemma of trying to get these hats clean without destroying the shape. That’s where you can come to the rescue. Host a Hat’s Off for Half Off day. They can bring in any new or clean hat and get it water and stain treated for half the usual price. This can be a great summer program to increase traffic and revenue. Charge $2 per hat. (1/2 off would be $1) You could also team up with a few coaches. They would receive some dry cleaning perks for allowing you to treat the teams hats before the season begins. Use your connections. Talk to people about this service, you will be surprised how many ideas you can come up with to bring more hats in the door. You could even sell Royal Shield by the can or case to an athletics or ball cap store. (I saw this one in a huge Tulsa mall just this week!)

  4.  Shoes – leather, suede, canvas, dress shoes, canvas cheerleading shoes, deck shoes, tennis shoes (again a long list of possibilities)

    Shoes, we’ve all got em. Stains on shoes, we’ve all got those too. Announce your own Shoe-la-la service. Treat 3 pair of clean or new shoes for one great price. You can easily charge $10 to treat them all. Think of all the families coming in picking up clothing…they are all wearing shoes. Cha-ching, cha-ching!

  5.  Boots – leather, suede (UGG type boots), cowboy boots, work boots, dress boots

    Think about those expensive, high end suede boots that women and teen age girls are going crazy for. Just one pair could make a small car payment, same thing with men’s cowboy boots. We’re talking about real financial investments in footwear here. Save your boot lovers some money on replacing water and soil stained boots by protecting the investment for them up front. You could even partner with boot stores in your area to trade some dry cleaning services with the management for the opportunity to send each new boot owner out the door with a coupon for your new Royal Shield boot protection service. Or, just run program by your existing customers. They should be willing to pay at least $5-$7 to protect those expensive boots. This could be a promotion called something like Take the Boot Out of Grime, Boot Round-Up or Boot Camp.

  6. Silk Ties – keeps them cleaner and easier to spot next time around

    $1 per tie. Easy money, wives love it. It also makes your job much easier when they bring their gravy laden ties in for recleaning. Could be called Tie One On with XYZ Cleaners.

  7.  Trench Coats – (This protection helps keep the stains from becoming set in and saves you money on spraying and scrubbing next time the coat is brought in for cleaning.)

    Business professional who wear these coats day-in/day-out have no problem forking over an extra $3-$5 to help them repel a little more water and mud. Call it Cleanin’ up the Trenches. A title like that could even be a great press release for your local paper. (Free advertising!)

  8. Rugs

    If you already clean rugs, just offer this service on top of the cleaning fee. If your customer loves their rug enough to have it professionally cleaned, stands to reason they would want it professionally stain and water protected as well. Depending on the size of the rug this could be an extra charge of $10-$30.

  9. Leather or Bomber Jackets

    These jackets are so comfy; people wear them in rain, snow, and sleet. Treating these with Royal Shield water and stain repellent is a no brainer. You can clean them first (more on that at www.royaltone.com ) or have them brought in when new. Work a deal with a local store that sells these jackets (just like we discussed on tip #5.) It will increase the life of the jacket and make it look better longer. This service is worth at least $3-$5 a pop.

  10.  Belts

    This is a small accessory but think about it, once a man finds one he loves, he wears it to death!
    Protect these items for a buck. You could run a special like free belt protection with every dry cleaned suit. People love free. This will bring in more suits than you would normally get and it won’t even cost you a quarter!

  11.  Suits – men’s or women’s

    Suits are also worn in all types of inclement weather. They get abused on planes, buses, trains, restaurants or subways. Those are all opportunities for snow, rain, spills and grime to find their way onto expensive suits. You could offer to protect them from stains and water for half off after you’ve dry cleaned the suit. Call it Twice the Protection for Half the Price. This could bring in an easy extra $2-$4 per suit.

  12.  Winter Coats – spray at the beginning of the season and at the end of season before it is stored.

    People hate the expense of buying new coats; and that price tag just goes up every year. Have a Coat Your Coat special at the beginning and end of the winter season. Every family you service has coats they want to wear again next year or pass down to the next child in line. Help them save money on new coat purchases by protecting their current ones. This could easily be a $2-$4 service.

  13.  Decorative Pillows

    Kids, pets and husbands all take a toll on the condition of decorative pillows. They are used for home work desk tops, napping, propping babies, building forts, throwing at siblings and shoring up tired hubbies. Run a Save the Pillows, Two for One sale on pillow protection. This is a simple way to make another buck.

  14.  Luggage – sports bags, golf bags, book bags, laptop cases, gun cases, leather, nylon, canvas, tapestry, any cloth (all kinds of bags)

    Bags take a beating just like coats, shoes and boots. They can certainly cost a lot too. The great thing about luggage and bags is that people usually put valuable items inside of them. Items they don’t want to get wet or dirty. Bags have also become a bit of a status symbol for some customers. So they don’t mind paying a little to keep them looking good. You will need to really promote this new service because they aren’t used to seeing it at your business. You could call it Save the Bags, Got Bags?, Bags R Us, anything catchy to draw attention to your new service. This is also a great summer time money generator as more people might be traveling or playing sports during this time of the year. This service would be worth $2-$3.

  15. Motorcycle, Snowmobile, or Snow Ski Clothing

    Now here are groups that don’t mind putting money into looking good when enjoying their favorite pastime. These customers definitely wear items that need to be protected from water and stains. Get to know your clients, talk about their hobbies. If you have one of these sports fanatics you have the potential of making $2-$5 protecting their garments.

  16. Car, boat and RV Interiors

    Now we know you can’t bring these vehicles into your business. So why not sell the customer a few cans of Royal Shield to protect their leather or fabric interiors? Just simply place them at the counter for a couple of dollars over your price. No labor, all profit.

  17. Home and Lawn Furniture Cushions

    These items will never be brought through your doors. But they still need protection. Sell Royal Shield water and stain repellent to any customer who has a leather or fabric couch. Again, an easy profit for you.

  18. Motorcycle Seats and Saddle Bags

    Here are the motorcycle enthusiasts again. They love to keep their bikes in tip top shape. Show them how they can keep the exposed leather more clean and water resistant with a can of Royal Shield spray. This could be especially popular during a motorcycle rally or poker run in your city.

  19. Saddles

    Rain, snow, horse sweat and cowboy sweat get all over leather saddles. Your horse loving customers like to protect their expensive saddles as much as possible. But let’s be realistic they are never going to bring their saddles into your shop, so send the product home with them.

  20. Grill, Boat, RV and Car Covers

    Why not protect the covers that protect the valuables? Rain, snow and sleet will surely penetrate these covers over time and cause potential damage to the expensive items underneath. Have your customers apply a coat of Royal Shield and keep the water away longer.

Sounds really simple doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Why not get in on this affordable, easy, highly profitable service today? Contact us at www.royaltone.com

Don’t miss out on an easy $100 every a month. In fact that number is really conservative. I just took the value I mentioned on each tip and added them together as if you only had one customer taking advantage of each of your new service items. Think of all the people who walk in your door. $100 a month could easily become $300-$1000 a month. The profit is truly in the can... the Royal Shield can that is! Get yours today! www.royaltone.com

This list will get you started. I know you will come up with many more ideas and ways to use Royal Shield in your business. When you do I would love to hear your ideas. Please email them to me and I will add them to the list Lori@royaltone.com

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